This explainer video demonstrates the key featurs of Bond Radar's main Bloomberg database. This is a very powerful tool for high end investors to get real-time acdess to the latest in-depth investment information.
Short logo ident introducing Bond Radar's core services and brand style, created in Adobe After Effects, May 2020
Interactive presentation demo for Bond Radar's new iOS app. Explaining key features and customer benefits.

September 2020

Bond Radar interactive web presentation & PDF
This fully interactive sales tool outlines the key features of Bond Radar and how to get the most from it. It also acts as a training tool as it goes through every menu and submenu of the Bloomberg platform on p8-10 as you click on the Bloomberg screenshots. This online presentation is also available as an interactive PDF.
Bond Radar print advertising campaign
We extended Bond Radar's new brand style to cover print advertising and integrate it seamlessly digital products as this full page advert in Bloomberg Markets magazine demonstrates.
Events Radar
Events Radar web design
We designed the front end for Bond Radar's sister company, Events Radar which is available via the website  Bond Radar is already a well established and trusted website, recognised by investment professionals globally so the colours, fonts and styles are similar. It can be accessed via Bond Radar to avoid any security issues on corporate servers. Below are screens shots taken from the home and one of the event pages.
Loan Radar
Loan Radar presentation
We designed a presentation for Bond Radar's sister company, Loan Radar which utilises it's own sub-brand style based on Bond Radar. The Loan Radar platform is only available via the website and the 'how it works' presentation demo is an interactive web presentation and PDF file.

RoadShow Radar
Roadshow Radar web template design
Roadshow Radar was set up as a sister company to BondRadar, utilising the latter's good reputation amongst banks and traders to showcase a new product which focuses solely on roadshow presentation videos.

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