PHEX is a series of three annual exhibiton events, showcasing the latest industry innovations and bringing together the plumbing and heating trades. In this media pack design I created infographics to show the marketing demographics data in a stylish visual way by picking up on the colours and styles from ther PHEX logo.
The 2020 HVP Media pack adopts a new brand style we created for an advertising campaign promoting HVP Gold Membership which features heating and ventilation trade membership offers for all subscribers. The audience demographic figures were used to create graphs and infographics using thermometers and heating dials. The style is linked to PHEX which covers these industries.
NHS survey infographics – series of infographics and digital Twitter graphics illustrating latest statistics. Released on the day the NHS announces its survey figures supplied by CQC and Picker Institute.
Sample NHS infographics taken from around 50 created to illustrate the results of the 2019 NHS Staff Survey in the posters below...
NHS infographics. Designed series of 10 infographics covering the staff survey results from the East London NHS Trust and 9 regional departments and comparisons with previous year and the trust as a whole. Designed using NHS fonts, colours and styles.
Healthcare infographics for Health Innovation Manchester and East London NHS Trust each branded in company colours
CBI Infrastructure report (2015) design and artwork – 60 page illustrated report and infographics illustration
CBI Gateway to Growth report (2014) design and artwork – 76 page illustrated report and stand-alone infographics illustrations
MIMS Learning Essentials (Haymarket) – flyer promoting a training programme to keep GPs up-to-date with their CPD
NHS Forward Look: Healthcare in Science template designs
Stockshifters starter pack featuring data infographics to highlight main features of service plus coffee cup promotion for trade show
Mining Magazine: one page infographic media sheets for magazine readership figures and seminar attendees

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